Thankyou Brian Pincott!

Dear Friends, Members and Partners of Vélo Canada Bikes,

It is with deep gratitude that we are announcing that Brian Pincott will be resigning as the Executive Director of Vélo Canada Bikes this summer.

Brian first joined us in the role of interim Executive Director in September 2019, quickly becoming our full time Executive Director soon after. When Brian came to us, he had already solidified his reputation as a true champion for cycling, and so the success he had during his time came as no surprise to us. 

And what a time it was..

While behind the handlebars of the organization, Canada announced its first ever national active transportation strategy. That same week, the world began to shut down, precipitating a bike boom full of urgency like no other, and throwing nearly everything into chaos. Undaunted, Brian leapt into action in a collaborative effort to make sure bike shops were seen as essential services. On behalf of everyone, he began to demand pop-up bike infrastructure and would soon be connecting the country with the success stories wherever they went in. Strategic plans were written, and a steady hand guided the organization itself. With Brian at the helm, still yet amid a pandemic, Vélo Canada Bikes saw its second big demand come true: the establishment of our first ever dedicated national active transportation fund. 

It was the little things too. From the outset, Brian set out to bring professionalism and experience to governance, and he had a vision for our organization’s future. He immediately sought to grow our membership and succeeded. He made connections with advocacy organizations and bike-friendly businesses all over the country. He ushered in critical new partnerships and kept the organization in the spotlight in the media on issues when it mattered. 

Brian’s most recent priorities will continue. Pedal Poll is set to be another big success and you can join him and us as we do another big bike count with hundreds of volunteers across the country. As well, Brian’s passion for promoting the use of e-bikes – and getting the streamlined regulations and incentives to Canada into place that will one day usher in an e-boosted transport revolution for all ages – will continue. The advocacy check-ins will continue too, albeit with a stand-in MC with far less charm, but don’t be surprised to see Brian attending one as he is as deeply committed to making his home community better as he has been to the whole country. 

While we are sad to see him go, Brian leaves Vélo Canada Bikes in great standing.

The Board wishes Brian the best of luck and opportunities in his future endeavors.

Brian’s last official day will be June 24th thanks to some accrued vacation time.  We hope this means he’ll be able to get in a few more bike rides in this summer! We expect to take the summer or more to conclude a search for a new ED and expect an announcement sometime in the early fall. Until then, the board will continue to monitor the ED email as we oversee the process of permanently filling the position. 

If you have any questions about the transition or the organization, do not hesitate to reach out to me [email protected] 


Anders Swanson
Chair, On behalf of the Board of Director of Vélo Canada Bikes

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