Eleanor Fast

Director (BC)

Eleanor is an experienced charitable sector executive currently serving as the Executive Director for Canadians for Leading Edge Alzheimer Research (CLEAR). She has led diverse national organizations including Equal Voice, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and Nature Canada.  Before taking on leadership roles she worked on science policy issues for the Council of Canadian Academies, as a science and technology analyst on Parliament Hill, and as head of the science and innovation team at the British High Commission in Ottawa.

Eleanor is a life-long cyclist, and has been a bike commuter in Ottawa for over 20 years. She recently had the privilege of taking a three month cycling trip, completing the 3000km Tour Aotearoa in New Zealand, as well as cycling the eastern coast of Australia. 

When not on her bike, Eleanor can be found in the swimming pool as part of a masters swim club. She currently lives in Ottawa but will be moving to Vancouver in the fall of 2023. 

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