Man riding a trike in the woods

Vélo Canada Bikes is committed to a bike-friendly Canada, where cycling is safe and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our initiatives are always about supporting that vision. To do that we advocate, we connect, we inspire, and we act.

We develop policy, conduct research, connect with the country through media and work hard to create capacity for the tens of thousands of passionate organizations across Canada that care just as much about making cycling better as we do.

Canada’s annual cyclist count, where volunteers from coast to coast to coast go out to count who is cycling and where. 

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To support new cycling infrastructure, VCB is building a database of what is built and on the ground in communities right across Canada. 

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We need a common understanding of what cycling infrastructure is and what it looks like. We need a catalogue. So, VCB is making one. 

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Want to know who is doing what in your area? VCB is building a directory of who is working to make cycling better in your community. 

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Velo Canada Bikes has hosted annual Bike Summits in Ottawa. Find out what was on the agenda in the past, and what is being planned now.

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