Vélo Canada Bikes is a membership-based organization

Our membership consist of individuals, organizations and businesses across this land who are working in different ways and at every level to create a bicycle friendly Canada. 

Organizational and business members

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We have multiple membership options, you can sign up online for any of them. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us using the form at the bottom.

Individual or household members

Individuals or household members get to help shape the country they want to live in. When you support us, you are helping in achieve a shared goal with power to change how we live for the better.

Business members

Business members play a big role in demonstrating the power of the bicycle. Engineering, planning, and construction companies benefit directly because we want to see you busy planning and building bike lanes. We help bicycle manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers create the ideal business environment and connect with more customers.


Municipalities across Canada of all sizes recognize that cycling is a bright part of their future, equally important to keeping families together and growing a tax base as it is to attracting businesses who care about employee satisfaction and lifestyle or keeping road maintenance costs down.

Not-for-profit members

Non-for-profit members care about building a bike-friendly country. Local and provincial cycling advocacy organizations get to be part of a strong voice at a national level. Non-profit organizations at work in sectors like health or the environment already know all about what more bikes can do to achieve their goals and becoming a member means helping us reach decision makers who need to hear it.

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Log in to your account to check your membership status or renew. If you difficulty logging in to renew or if you have any questions, please contact us. 

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