Michael Longfield

Director (ON)

Michael is a passionate advocate for cycling as means for transportation and recreation. He is committed to our mission to make cycling attractive, safe, accessible and convenient across the country. Michael fell in love with bike racing despite little natural talent and remains a year-round cycle commuter. He is currently the president of Midweek Cycling Club, an “athletes for life” bike racing programme and race organizer, and serves as a policy and advocacy lead for The Bike Brigade, a community of over 1,000 volunteers delivering meals and food boxes by bikes and trikes to sustainably address food insecurity in Toronto. Michael previously served on the board of the Ontario Cycling Association, the provincial sport organization for bike racing. Most recently, throughout the first year of COVID19 pandemic, he was Interim Executive Director of Cycle Toronto, working with city and community stakeholders to help achieve a historic year of new infrastructure in Toronto. In these roles, Michael has promoted governance, partnerships, and making cycling safe and inclusive.

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