Zvi Leve

Director (QC)

Zvi is a transportation modelling expert whose interests focus on the linkages between transportation, land use, and sustainable development. His professional experience has been principally in the field of transportation modelling, but his passion is ‘streets as public space’ and creating a more equitable allocation of street space.

When he is not evaluating the implications of large-scale infrastructure projects and technological change, he can be found promoting active transportation and human-scaled cities. He is involved with numerous community groups dedicated to rethinking the role of transportation and the built environment in our lives.

He is a founding member of RuePublique and Coalition mobilité active Montréal plus numerous neighbourhood active mobility groups. He is currently on the board of the Centre d’écologie urbaine de Montréal and is responsible for a bike trailer in Solon Collectif‘s LocoMotion project.

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