Executive Director’s AGM Report 2020

2020 has been a breakthrough year for Vélo Canada Bikes

2020 marks a quantum step towards what Vélo Canada Bikes has fighting for since the outset. In March, the Government of Canada announced their intent to develop a National Active Transportation Strategy. They listened to us, they listened to you.

There is a path to choose for a healthy future, and we believe that path is a bike path. In the midst of social upheaval, brought on by a confluence of health, economic, and climate emergencies, there is a clear recognition of the ever more urgent need for change. This represents a monumental opportunity for Canada.

Given our work and presence, it is no wonder the federal government acknowledged the importance of VCB’s role when making their Active Transportation Strategy announcement. But, getting the announcement was the easy part. Creating a solid AT Strategy and turning it into clear action with measurable results is the next step. The moment the National Strategy was announced our role at Vélo Canada Bike became that much more important.

Canada needs bicycles. Canada needs Vélo Canada Bikes to help articulate and guide that future.

And Vélo Canada Bikes needs you. VCB needs your support to make this commitment a reality.

Full AGM Presentation

Brian Pincott, Executive Director

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