Author: Brian Pincott


A look at Budget 2022

Are cycling & AT “One and Done”? On April 7th,  Budget 2022 was unveiled, the first non-pre-election, non-pandemic budget since 2018. In other words, a

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Where are the bikes?

The Emissions Reduction Plan misses out on bikes. On March 29, 2022, the Government of Canada released its 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) to reach

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2030 Emissions Reduction Plan

Minister’s Foreword – 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan: Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy  On climate action, it is amazing to see

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More Than Bike Lanes

Bike infrastructure is more than just bike lanes. The federal Active Transportation Fund should unleash a flurry of projects across Canada. The pent-up demand for

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Board of directors

Michael Thomas Kowalsky

Director (QC) An all-season veteran courier, Kowalsky navigated Montreal’s road network for a decade. Defying frostbite and dehydration he endured every meteorological cocktail imaginable from

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Board of directors

Michael Longfield

Director (ON) Michael is a passionate advocate for cycling as means for transportation and recreation. He is committed to our mission to make cycling attractive,

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